Selling Your Home? Tips For Staging The Master Bedroom

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Your bedroom is your sanctuary in your home, and chances are that it is lived-in, personalized and comfortable for you. Unfortunately, that casual environment isn't going to help your home sell. You'll want your master bedroom to appear spacious, calm and clean. With the right staging steps, you can create just that. Here's a look at some steps you can take to create a master bedroom that will help you transition from an open house to a sale closing.

21 October 2014

Pros And Cons Of Short-Term Carpet Cleaning Methods


You always have your carpet professionally cleaned, but oftentimes your carpet becomes heavily soiled in between those cleanings.  You've been trying to figure out how to keep - or get - your carpet clean in between having it cleaned "properly." Before you pick a cleaning method out of a hat, you should know that there are several different types of short-term carpet cleaning methods out there. Listed below are descriptions of two of them as well as their pros and cons.

15 September 2014