Real-Estate-Related Side Gigs For New Agents

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Real estate can be a tough way to earn a living, especially for new agents. Licensing fees, continuing ed tuition, association and MLS fees, and marketing costs put many new agents in a do-or-die situation. By taking on freelance gigs for extra income, you can create your own schedule and earn extra money without jeopardizing the full-time-agent status customers prefer and brokers sometimes require. And you can do it in a way that keeps your focus on real estate.


Serious photography hobbyists can earn extra money taking real estate photos for colleagues and for real estate photography companies. You need a high-end DSLR camera and a high-quality wide-angle lens to get started. An off-camera flash and light stand are helpful, too.

Guest Blogging

Freelancing writing opportunities exist for agents at all levels of experience. Newer agents without much experience can share what they're learning with other new agents by contributing to industry publications and blogs from real estate media companies. Creating your own blog and contributing to it regularly helps you establish your authority and provides you with writing samples you can use to get paid work. You can also find online services, like those offered by FARfoto8, that can help you create your own website for your blog.


Many buyers have trouble picturing themselves living in the homes they're touring, but the ability to do so is an important factor in the buyers' decision to make an offer. Stagers help that process along by strategically decorating to illustrate how buyers might use each room, and by making the rooms more inviting. Minimize your cash outlay by partnering with a furniture store willing to rent you pieces from their inventory, and then charge sellers up front.

Rideshare Driving

Rideshare drivers use cell-phone apps to take ride requests from individuals who uses these services as an alternative to taxis. Drivers log in and out whenever they want, so driving allows complete scheduling flexibility. One of the nice things about this gig is that riders are curious about drivers and often engage them in conversation. This gives you an opportunity to let riders know you're an agent, and you may even pick up some good leads, so keep a supply of business cards in your car. Before you start, make sure you're properly insured -- and while you're at it, make sure you're adequately covered to have real estate customers in your car as well.

There's no shame in taking on side work, even if just to cover your expenses. The extra cash goes a long way toward easing your immediate financial stress, and it also reduces the chance that you'll need to give up your new sales career prematurely due to lack of income. 


26 September 2016

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