Reducing The Garbage At Your Apartment Complex

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Taking out the garbage seems like a simple task, but when you are running an apartment complex, taking care of all the garbage your tenants generate is anything but simple. Even when you have provided the proper number of dumpsters, you may end up with overflowing bins. Fortunately, you can take steps to reduce the amount of garbage and the cost of managing it.


Surprisingly, not all landlords provide recycling programs for their tenants. As a result, tenants may simply dump their recyclable items in with the regular dumpsters, filling them up quickly and unnecessarily. Implementing a recycling program may actually earn you money rather than add to your expenses. If you provide your own collection and take the items to the recycling center, you will earn some money that you can put toward paying for the regular garbage pickup. In many municipalities, the city will pick up your apartment complex's recyclables for free. Either way, instituting this program will greatly reduce the amount of garbage in your dumpsters. 


Encourage your tenants to donate old, unwanted items. You can do so by making arrangements with local charities to regularly come by your units to pick up these furniture pieces or clothing items. Create flyers and place them in the tenants' mailboxes to apprise them of the arrangement. Any sofas, chairs, or tables you can keep out of your dumpsters means more room for the garbage that needs to go there. 

Set an Example

Your maintenance procedures need to set the proper example. If management wastes resources, then the tenants will be less motivated to reduce their own garbage. Experts recommend buying in bulk, reusing items, and recycling anything that reasonably can be. Try to buy products that have minimal packaging. Also, make sure you are composting the yard waste and not simply dumping it into the trash dumpsters. Take simple steps such as forgoing paper towels and using washable cloths for cleaning the common areas. Make the apartment culture a "green" one, and your tenants are likely to follow. 

You are required to provide your tenants with reasonable access to garbage collection, but you can make efforts to reduce the amount of trash they generate. Recycling is your biggest weapon, so either implement a recycling program or work to expand your current efforts. Lead by example and make donation easy for your tenants. These simple steps can make a big difference in the amount of waste your complex generates. Contact a company like Prudential Property Management Ltd. for more information.


1 May 2016

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