Buying A Rental Home? Why You Should Hire A Professional Handyman

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When you have invested and saved enough money, you can enjoy a new investment opportunity in buying a rental property. It is a great way to build equity and earn a secondary income. However, when making such a huge financial investment, you want to know that you are doing it the right way.

Setting yourself up for long-term success is the mindset that you should have. Hiring a handyman as soon as you get your hands on a property is one of the smartest decisions that you can make.

Work On the Initial Improvements

Although some properties will be ready to rent, you may want to buy a property that needs work, in exchange for saving money on the purchase price. It also allows you to make improvements or additions that have the highest chance of appealing to potential renters. When you buy a turnkey home, some of the features may not appease to most people looking to rent a single-family home.

A neutral home is the best kind of home to have for a rental property. It is ideal not to appeal to a specific crowd because this will only reduce the overall interest from other crowds. A handyman can handle many valuable projects, such as painting, installing light fixtures, and removing popcorn ceilings.

Enjoy Competitive Rates

Handymen are excellent for rental property owners because they come at such a discounted rate compared to certified professionals. While an independent handyman may run you $25 to $60 an hour, a professional such as a licensed plumber can range from $45 to $150 per hour. Handymen can handle minor plumbing projects, which can save you hundreds of dollars by going with them over a plumber.

Regularly Use Their Services

After working with a handyman on the initial projects before putting the home up for rent, you can continue working with them for the long term by making them your maintenance professional. Establishing this kind of relationship can get you the best rates since you are giving them reliable work.

While it may be necessary to hire a licensed professional to handle certain projects or repairs, you should use a handyman whenever possible as this will help you maximize your profits.

A great way to test out a handyman in the beginning is by giving them a minor project to work on. If you like how they handle things, you can move on to tougher projects and go from there. Once you find a reliable handyman, you will be in a position to succeed as a rental property owner. To learn more, contact a company like Marcine Group of Companies.


9 March 2016

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