4 Tips For Getting A Deposit Back When Renting An Apartment

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When renting an apartment, most complexes require tenants to pay a refundable deposit before moving in. This deposit is to ensure that if you damage anything inside the apartment, the apartment complex will be able to make repairs with the deposit money. While a deposit is refundable, don't assume that you will automatically receive your entire deposit back after you move out. If you want to greatly increase the chances of getting your deposit back, use the following tips:

Read the Lease Carefully

Before signing an apartment lease, it is very important to read each and every line carefully. The lease will outline the conditions and terms of being a tenant; the document should state if you are required to give notice before moving out at the end of your lease, provide instructions on how to deal with needed repairs, and discuss the condition the apartment needs to be left in upon moving out.

Take Photos Upon Moving In

Before unpacking a single box, it is in your best interest to carefully photograph each room in your new apartment. Make sure to document any visible flaws, such as a stain on the carpet, a chip on the counter tops, or any other issues that were present before you moved in. These photos will serve as important evidence if there are any issues with getting your deposit back after you move out.

Do a Walkthrough with the Apartment Complex Manager

Many apartment complexes provide move-in check lists for tenants so they can write down any problems with the apartment when they move in. It is important to fill out this checklist, but it is also a good idea to request a move-in walkthrough with the apartment complex manager so he or she can see problems themselves and sign off on your checklist so you don't end up being responsible for damages or repairs that were not your fault. 

Don't Forget to Leave a Forwarding Address

In most cases, apartment complexes refund deposits via check after the tenant has moved out and the apartment has been examined. If the apartment complex does not have your new mailing address, your deposit refund check may be delayed or returned. While most people fill out a change of address form when moving, it is a good idea to also personally visit your apartment complex office and let them know your new address before you move out.

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4 January 2016

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