Questions To Ask Before Renting Your First Apartment

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Are you getting ready to move into your very first apartment? Are you tempted to grab onto the first one that falls within your price range? When it comes to apartments for rent, the search process can seem long and tedious. But to make sure that you get the right apartment for you, here are some questions to ask before signing any lease agreement:

When will the apartment become available? 

Some apartments for rent are actually advertised months before the current lease will be up. By doing this, the landlord will know that he or she doesn't have to wait to fill the vacancy. Unfortunately, this can be extremely inconvenient for you, if you want an apartment as soon as possible. Make sure you understand whether the apartment is occupied or not. If it is occupied, find out when the current tenants will be leaving and what course of action the landlord will take if the apartment is not vacated on time.

What is the exact rent? 

The ads for apartments for rent don't always give the full monthly amount due. For example, some apartment complexes might charge an additional fee for a parking space or to be able to use the laundry room. They may also add on fees for things that you think would be included, such as maintenance of the common areas and using the advertised wifi. Once you add all these extras up, you may find out that the monthly payment is significantly higher than you had thought. Also, while you undoubtedly intend to pay your rent on time, make sure to check the lease for potential late fees before signing it.

Who is responsible for appliance repairs? 

When an apartment includes appliances, the landlord is usually responsible for any necessary repairs. However, the lease might specify that you have to pay for repairs under certain conditions. When checking out apartments for rent, make sure to confirm that the available appliances do actually work. For checking out stoves, you should turn on all the burners and wait for them to heat up.

You may also want to carry around an inexpensive oven thermometer, to confirm that it heats up appropriately. If a microwave is provided, a cheap microwave-safe mug will show whether or not the microwave is actually heating things. The refrigerator and freezer should already be plugged in and working when you check out the apartment. A good landlord won't object to these simple tests, since the appliances should be working before you even move in.

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25 December 2015

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